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Product Description

Whether it’s for work or leisure, you deserve a quick and reliable home internet connection. Look no further because Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi is finally here!. With its improved WiFi connection, wide internet coverage, and ready-to-use freebie and features, your home online experience will never be the same again.

Load, track, and manage your Prepaid WiFi with the Globe At Home App!

Features: Don’t worry about having your show interrupted by a choppy signal, or your gaming session devolving into a lag-filled temper tantrum. Thanks to Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi, you can enjoy reliable prepaid internet connection that’s fast and user-friendly.

Powerful Prepaid : Take your home browsing experience to the next level with WiFi that’s 2x faster and stronger compared to pocket WiFi devices. Now you can sit back and relax watching your favorite show without the worry from an unstable connection.

Instant internet access :  A seamless internet experience has never been this easy. But it can be with Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi. Just plug in your device, buy load, and you’re ready to surf! Plus, it comes with a free 50GB data that you can enjoy instantly.

Designed for sharing : This Prepaid WiFi is the perfect alternative for your family if you don’t have a Globe broadband at home. It’s ideal for sharing, so every member of the family stays connected all day!

If you want to know more about our Home Prepaid WiFi, customer reviews are available on this page. Get your own Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi now, here at the Globe Online Shop!


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